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An ADA Statement Isn’t Enough

It’s become standard fare for instructors to include in a syllabus a statement of ADA accommodation. My syllabus are no different. I always include, somewhere near the “Academic Honesty” section (though the placement doesn’t matter), this sentence: “If you need adaptations or … Continue reading

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Teaching as Myself

I enjoy the freedom that acknowledging my uncool qualities carries with it; I don’t spend time or energy trying to be someone I’m not. As I express more of my individuality in the classroom, I am finding it somehow easier … Continue reading

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Valuing Good Teaching

This week, I stumbled across a blog post in The Chronicle of Higher Education from May 2014. The post asked a pointed question in its title: “Can We Create a Culture That Values Good Teaching?” Instead of focusing on why … Continue reading

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Technology in the Classroom

In the past two weeks, two essays have appeared that have struck me as I consider the use of technology in the classroom. Ditch the Laptop and Pick Up a Pen, in the Washington Post, extolls the virtue of taking notes by hand rather … Continue reading

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