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Higher Ed Changes

Is higher education perfect? No. What needs to change? Everything. And nothing. Many of my proposed changes to higher education are cultural shifts, in how the academy perceives its many iterations. First, the academy needs to level the perception of all disciplines’ … Continue reading

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Being Faculty

What does it mean to be a faculty? The word can refer to the inherent aptitudes, talents, or powers of a person, whether intellectual, physical, or otherwise– in terms of “mental faculties” that a person has. But in academia, the … Continue reading

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Course Blogs

While Tumblr and instagram might be the “it” social media of the moment, a course blog’s suitability for exchanging ideas, presenting research, and engaging in an open, distributed conversation is hard to beat. – Amy Nelson, “Your Motherblog…” Technologies in the … Continue reading

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Open Access Won’t Save Academia

At least, not yet. As an academic, I am very much in favor of open access. It provides honed arguments upon which academics can build new work. It allows for research to become publicly visible, and quickly. Most are refereed journals, with … Continue reading

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Falsified results

In the case of Prof. Thomas, the ORI’s (Office of Research Integrity) findings reduce to this: she falsified results. Yes, this is a serious academic offense. Yes, she might endanger patients through the medical aspects of her research. But these are not … Continue reading

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Surprised by Unethical Behavior?

Despite unethical actions by Wall Street, teachers, and businesses, we are somehow surprised that academics, especially in the sciences, engage in falsification or manipulation of data. Why is it that we are so surprised when scientists behave unethically? I offer two suggestions: 1. … Continue reading

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A Collective Noun for Academics?

We talk so much about “the professoriate,” as a term that describes the academicians at an institution. But what is a good collective noun for academics? Faculty may be the official noun, but there must be something wittier. May I suggest the … Continue reading

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Closing a College, Perpetuating a Mission

In February 2014, an art school’s decision made for some sensational headlines, such as The Washington Post‘s “The end of the Corcoran Gallery of Art.” This is a worrisome development for many art historians and celebrants of American art and … Continue reading

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Public Belief and the Professoriate

One story about the founding of Cambridge University cites ongoing “town-vs.-gown” problems at Oxford. Conflicts between the citizens of Oxford, i.e. those who kept the town running, and the academics at the University led a group of Oxfordians to find … Continue reading

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Missions of Research Museums and Universities

Mission statements are important aspects of academia, inasmuch as they provide a direction for academic work both within and without the institution. But are mission statements really all that different from one another, within the broad realm of academia? And … Continue reading

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