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Dissertation in a new(ish) medium

I first encountered Nick Sousanis’ dissertation project as a poster at the Fourth International Illustration Symposium in Oxford (UK) in 2013. It stood it to me because (a) it was one of the only posters that relied on illustration to convey … Continue reading

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Metaphor and Computers

Brenda Laurel’s “Six Elements” hearkens to Aristotle’s Poetics as its touchstone. This is nothing particularly new. Aristotle is a cultural monolith, and academics refer to his work ad nauseum and, it seems, ad infinitum. For Laurel, the use of Aristotle makes her … Continue reading

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Ted Nelson, Libraries, and Openness

It seems appropriate that we read in this seminar excerpts from Ted Nelson’s Computer Lib / Dream Machines, since next week is Open Access Week at Virginia Tech Libraries. I don’t believe I’m far off in saying that Ted Nelson’s … Continue reading

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Imagination, Sirius, and a Federation of Planets

The third section of Douglas Engelbart’s Augmenting Human Intellect is another entry in a long history of science fiction’s contemporary relevance. Enlightenment thinker Voltaire used his 1752 story “Micromegas” to provoke Western ideas that had been accepted carte blanche. Not … Continue reading

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Joining the Mobile Digital Age

Tonight is the last night before I have a smartphone. Tomorrow, I will be getting not only my first smartphone, but my first touchscreen mobile device. I’ve resisted thus far, but the difference between basic phones and smartphones is financially … Continue reading

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Where does Humanity Begin?

This is a hackneyed question, but one that bears more investigation: Where do humans end and machines begin? Norbert Wiener engages this question directly, concerning the human control in antiaircraft guns. J.C.R. Licklider, too, confronts this idea, with the very … Continue reading

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New Media and Experience

I first encountered Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think” in a library context, where the focus was on the ways libraries can connect information to each other. Our discussions focused on the memex device, as a preconception of what Wikipedia would … Continue reading

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Course Blogs

While Tumblr and instagram might be the “it” social media of the moment, a course blog’s suitability for exchanging ideas, presenting research, and engaging in an open, distributed conversation is hard to beat. – Amy Nelson, “Your Motherblog…” Technologies in the … Continue reading

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