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Striped Hyenas, Taxidermy, and Science

I don’t often contribute to crowdsourced fundraising, but I did last night. I gave some of my graduate student stipend to the IndieGogo campaign to help The Brain Scoop and The Field Museum build a new diorama–striped hyenas. Why this … Continue reading

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Do editions matter?

Obviously, yes– editions of books matter. But why? Is there really a big difference between a book published in 1867 and an edition published the following year? In the case of Edward Augustus Samuels, the difference is astonishing. But my … Continue reading

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Scientific illustration and the illustration of science

This semester, I’m sitting in on a graduate seminar that covers a cultural history of 18th century science. Instead of a traditional research paper, the students must present, among other things, a discussion of illustrations of science. Illustrations of science … Continue reading

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