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I’m your instructor for this course, US History to 1877. In the course, we look at American history from the time before America existed through the government-stated end of Reconstruction. We’ll look at the people who participated in American history willingly and forcibly, as citizens and non-citizens, as immigrants and natives, as patriots and rebels, […] Continue reading

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Reading while Dissertating

Obviously, reading is intimately connected with research. The process of creating a dissertation necessitates forging a relationship with researchers who’ve trod on the same ground before, years before, in other directions, and with different guiding principles. Understanding the conversation, through reading the work of … Continue reading

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STS in the Archives

As a field of academic inquiry, Science and Technology Studies (STS) developed against the diverse disciplinary backdrops of history, philosophy, and sociology of science and technology, as well as science and technology policy. The relationship between STS and these disciplines … Continue reading

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Striped Hyenas, Taxidermy, and Science

I don’t often contribute to crowdsourced fundraising, but I did last night. I gave some of my graduate student stipend to the IndieGogo campaign to help The Brain Scoop and The Field Museum build a new diorama–striped hyenas. Why this … Continue reading

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Final Project

I’ve nearly completed a first draft of this project, with a good sense of what I’ll be using to teach this class. Before the semester’s over, I’ll be refining the class, adjusting some of the parts to be more thorough or to … Continue reading

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STS and Ethics

In the field of Science and Technology Studies, a lot of what researchers do involves a critique of scientific research. In many cases, this involves the ethics of researchers. Environmental ethics come into play, as do medical ethics, journalistic ethics, and … Continue reading

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Universities and a Social Contract

It’s frustrating doing graduate work, for many reasons. Right now, the frustration is with the ways the system functions. (Note: I almost used the word “work,” but I reconsidered since it doesn’t always work.) Higher education places the most importance on sustaining itself. This … Continue reading

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Historians and Ethics

My research, and my academic interests, are straddled between several fields: Science and Technology Studies (STS), History (of Science), and Librarianship. The professional organizations most directly relevant to these fields are 4S (the Society for the Social Study of Science), HSS (History … Continue reading

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Open Access

I’m a big proponent of open access. For me, it’s the best way for scholarship to become most widely available, since those who are active in the field yet are unaffiliated with an academic institution, such as independent scholars, can … Continue reading

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