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The Scientific Revolution and the United States

The USA uniquely benefited from the scientific revolution and the industrial revolution eventually becoming an industrial powerhouse. What is usually forgotten is the reason the US got there was on the backs of the working class a history that is not usually taught. Instead we are told to focus on great industrialists not the people … Continue reading “The Scientific Revolution and the United States” Continue reading

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Is Taxation theft?

  From my journey reading blogs and message boards across the internet I have come across a interesting argument that people on the right side of the political spectrum tend to make when confronted with the idea of what should we do with the government. The right wing in the American political landscape on the libertarian … Continue reading “Is Taxation theft?” Continue reading

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Economic issues related to automation in the american economy.

As the economy changes due to vastly increasing technology the threat of automation looms over many workers in the United States. While many US workers are no stranger to automation recent developments in AI and software engineering now make even supposedly safe white collar jobs under threat. Self driving vehicles stand to disrupt the massive … Continue reading “Economic issues related to automation in the american economy.” Continue reading

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The trail of tears

This period of american history was a sad and embarrassing chapter of the american experience. The forced relocation of thousands of Cherokee away from there homelands is a dark stain indeed on the american way of living. This shows that despite the auspices of the US being founded on freedom and democracy if you are … Continue reading “The trail of tears” Continue reading

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Kneeling and the National Anthem

Recently there has been not quite a bit of controversy regarding the NFL and some players kneeling during the national anthem to show solidarity for unarmed black men who have been killed by police. Some say this is an insult to the country and the NFL should be boycotted. Others say they are simply exercising … Continue reading “Kneeling and the National Anthem” Continue reading

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The fundamental character of American democracy.

While Tocqueville published his magnum opus Democracy in America nearly 182 years ago the unique cultural and political characteristics of Americans remain even to this day. When the United States was founded it was considered a radical experiment in democracy compared to the old monarchies of Europe. Now the US is considered by other first … Continue reading “The fundamental character of American democracy.” Continue reading

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The Role of the State in Modern Life

This weeks reading focused primarily on the the emergence of the new american government with the constitution as its primary document. Then and now interpreting the constitution and arguing about what should and shouldn’t be done is pretty much an american pastime. What struck me as interesting as the same concerns these early american writers … Continue reading “The Role of the State in Modern Life” Continue reading

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Harriet Tubman’s daring raid

“This is about what all through the night and morning of June 2 when Harriet, Montgomery and the colored soldiers overran the Combahee.” Conrad Earl. In this brief summary of a daring raid led by Harriet Tubman and Colonel Montgomery is an exciting look at a lesser known skirmish at least for me during the … Continue reading “Harriet Tubman’s daring raid” Continue reading

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Lambert Reading Week 3

I found this weeks reading on the evangelist Whitefield to be most fascinating. His rise and use of the media showed a very savvy understanding of marketing and the best way to target crowds and demographics. In many ways he reminded me of the american born evangelist S. Parkes Cadman who was one of the first … Continue reading “Lambert Reading Week 3” Continue reading

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Introduction and the Study of history

So a little bit about myself I am a history major who is interested in entering the education field. The study of history I think is very important due to its wide ranging effects on the society we live in today as well as providing a window into what people went through in the past. … Continue reading “Introduction and the Study of history” Continue reading

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