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1493, America for You and Me

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in the year of 1492. However, in 1493 this was “America” to be. Following the voyage and the  “build-up” of the new land new trade, this was known as the “Columbian Exchange.” Bringing a plethora of goods, and possibly bad during the voyages gave trading and bartering a different take. … Continue reading “1493, America for You and Me” Continue reading

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Myself, All Wrapped Up

Beginning simple, I am from Oklahoma born and raised. Leaving high school I decided to work in the oil field industry, and then moved on to joining the Army. While serving, I have seen some historical features or sites in the United States and abroad. Studying history personally to me is an individual, intrinsic experience that … Continue reading “Myself, All Wrapped Up” Continue reading

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