Studies in history anticipate a great deal of writing. As a student of history, my studies expect that I will do the same. So here it is, a collection of many thoughts that may or may not be connected, or even coherent.

I am a graduate student in Blacksburg, Virginia (US), at Virginia Tech’s Science and Technology in Society department, in their STS (Science and Technology Studies) program. My interests are in the history of scientific illustration, so that will be the topic of most posts you’ll see here. However, my broader interests include environmental history, history of science, history of technology, history of medicine, and history of illustration, as a part of art and book history.

On this site, I’ll post images that I find interesting or confusing, and I hope that I can ask more questions than I provide answers. I’ll use this space to explore some ideas about a sentence in a primary source, or a particularly problematic illustration, or to talk about some historiographically interesting book. Of course, this is a blog, and things can change, so some relevant news items might also find their way here.

The comments sections are for you and me. I hope that we can engage in conversations online that might bloom into offline conversations and, perhaps, into collaborations. Enjoy.

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