Phantom Limb Pain

I read the article “The Civil War Doctor Who Proved Phantom Limb Pain Was Real” by Alicia Puglionesi. It was really interesting to me, because my major and career is in healthcare. Apparently, it was safer to just perform limb amputations, so there were a lot of veterans with amputated limbs (the article says three minutes!!) before and after the Civil War. The article follows Dr. Mitchell, who sought to treat veterans for phantom limb pain and the struggles he faced in trying to do so, especially since doctors at the time believed what they had physical evidence of, and nerve pain is not something so easily ‘seen’. I though this article was very interesting, and it seemed to tie in well with what we’re learning about now. Also, I was wondering if Louisa May Alcott who wrote about phantom limb pain was related to the Alcott in the novel we are reading for class. Both rely heavily on religion it seems, so I’d be interested to know!

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