Colonists and Food

I was really excited to find this article: “Want To Eat Like A Colonist? Ask This Virginia Chef”. I am a huge foodie, so it was awesome to find out what kinds of things colonists ate. Apparently bread and stew were the primary staples of a colonist’s diet. More interesting than what the colonists ate, though, it the fact that a period style bakery does exist in Virginia. Having been to Williamsburg on a field trip as a child, I’m pretty bummed out that I missed out on that experience. I can now, however, sit back happily at home with a beer and know that the colonists and I shared something in common. I really recommend reading this article to all my classmates, because it was so cool! I know one thing is for sure… if I were a colonist, I’d starve! The equipment they had to work with sounds miserable to operate, and I’m pretty hard-pressed to make that long journey between my freezer and microwave as is.

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