Confederate Statues

Until recently, I didn’t realize there was a motion to remove confederate statues at all. According to an article on, protesters and local governments have been tearing them down. I feel that this is an over-reaction, or over-sensitivity, as I don’t believe in tearing down historical monuments of any kind without some kind of preservation efforts made first. I feel that these statues are not necessarily condoning what these ‘white men’ did so much as serving as reminders of the past. It’s not possible or ethical to try to remove figures from our past just because we don’t like what they did.

One thing I didn’t appreciate very much about this article was the blatant bias of the author, though it is an opinion piece, so I guess it’s not right to throw stones. Regrettably, I find myself on the side of Condoleezza Rice and Donald Trump: the statues should not be torn down. I do believe that monuments should be preserved, and I believe there should be consequences for protesters who vandalize public property. I believe that monuments and parks serve as reminders of our violent history, and are the cornerstone of our nation’s atonement. That being said, I wouldn’t mind more statues built to honor ‘non-white men’.

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