Great Awakening

Out of this weeks readings,  I found the article by Lambert about The Great Awakening to be most interesting.  As I said in my introduction post, I’ve never been too interested in history, so The Great Awakening is something I have heard about but never really learned about so this was a good opportunity for me.  I found it interesting because I had no idea that religion was something that was “advertised” as much as George Whitefield had made it.  I also thought it was a little strange that so many people listened and agreed with what he was preaching when he traveled to the colonies.  He seemed to create quite the following.  I’m not a person that usually discusses religion or takes an interest to religion topics but I did find it interesting that this revival for these groups led them to being able to stand up for themselves when it came to their government.  I think it helped give them a sense of power and confidence that maybe they didn’t have before.

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