Welcome to History 201!

This is the blogging platform we’ll be using weekly. In it, you’ll post items relevant to course material and comment on each other’s posts.

Why blog?

Blogs are publicly available. I want you to be confident in your writing—confident enough to have the sentences and paragraphs be read by your friends and family, as well as people across the world you don’t know.

What should I blog?

Post items that are relevant to the course material. You have some options here, but try to vary which you do: 1) Respond to the week’s reading. 2) Describe a recent historical discovery and its significance. 3) Discuss a controversy tied to an interpretation of history. 4) Evaluate a representation of an historical event in popular culture.

Regardless of which option (of 2-4) you choose, the subject must match the scope of the course. That is, don’t write about Spike Lee’s Malcolm X for a course on the US Survey to 1877 or the history of science or technology.

When should I blog?

Every week!

And, you should comment on blogs by your classmates.


Finally, blogging can be a great way to learn more in the class. By reading other people’s ideas, you can expand the ways you consider a topic. Also, other people can call you out for your opinions. When you make a claim, be sure to support it. Stating that someone is wrong in an interpretation of history is absolutely acceptable, as long as you’re able to back it up. Failing to try to back it up only weakens your stance.

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