Final Project

I’ve nearly completed a first draft of this project, with a good sense of what I’ll be using to teach this class. Before the semester’s over, I’ll be refining the class, adjusting some of the parts to be more thorough or to prepare myself to anticipate questions that might arise in the run of the class.

The largest difficulties I’m having are making the class more student-centered than it is. I want students in the class to be active, to contribute to their own learning, and enhance their own understanding of the material. This is difficult regardless of the class, but particularly difficult in a one-off class, where there is little time to develop rapport with students. This aspect is where I still need some help figuring out how to best complete the project.

I’ve learned in this project that designing a class is never truly complete. Some aspects will change many times, and I don’t anticipate teaching this class the same way twice. Furthermore, instructing students in citation and academic integrity always requires an awareness of contemporary ethical dilemmas that students and broader academic communities face.

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