STS and Ethics

In the field of Science and Technology Studies, a lot of what researchers do involves a critique of scientific research. In many cases, this involves the ethics of researchers. Environmental ethics come into play, as do medical ethics, journalistic ethics, and social ethics.

We evaluate and analyze the ways in which researchers engage with their subjects, and the impact of their research on the wider public and on policy. We argue about normative ethical behavior among scientists, and about actions that scientists actually engage in. While we do this, though, we must understand that we, too, ought to be held to some ethical standards. We must do our research at the same ethical level, with a responsibility to the scientists and their research to present it fairly.

Maybe this is all based on a sense of normative ethics. We expect others to behave responsibly, so we ought also to do our research with the same responsibility.

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  1. Kayla says:

    I have learned more about STS this semester, and I find the field itself fascinating. If there are not recent papers or professional codes that explicitly state the bounds of the profession, that might be a good place for further inquiry. I would argue that rhetoric is also a field largely focused on external analysis and evaluation in a similar way, and our governing groups are pulled in many different directions as the field considers correct methodology and ethical codes.

    Thanks for your thought-provoking post!

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