Historians and Ethics

My research, and my academic interests, are straddled between several fields: Science and Technology Studies (STS), History (of Science), and Librarianship. The professional organizations most directly relevant to these fields are 4S (the Society for the Social Study of Science), HSS (History of Science Society), AHA (American Historical Association), and ALA (American Library Association).

The ethical codes from these differ in their formalities: the ALA has a clear Code of Ethics; the AHA has a Statement of Professional Conduct. 4S doesn’t have any such formal statement; neither does HSS. Regardless, the ethical considerations of ALA and AHA can be transposed to other academic interests in the way scholarship and service regard people.

ALA and AHA have different missions, with ALA more oriented toward service, and AHA more toward scholarship. Nonetheless, the two codes of ethical conduct have some similarities that might be relevant to a wide spread of academic departments. Advocacy for intellectual property rights, courtesy and support for colleagues, and disinterested workmanship are some of the ethical properties that cross disciplinary boundaries, making for some broadly-sweeping ethical standards across academia.

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  1. Brittanie H says:

    Looking at the two ethical codes that you were able to find that related to your academic interests, which one resonates more with the goals and values you strive for? Is it the service-oriented or scholarship-oriented ethics? I’d be interested to know!

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