Final Project

For this integrity class, I’ve decided to develop a class on citation. This is a one-off class, one that would take up only one class of the course.

I envision the class, right now, as a combination of asking How, Why, and When to cite in academic and professional writing. These are all questions that I address in other classes that I’ve taught, but I’ve spread them over the semester. Here, I tackle them all in one day.

The rationale behind this project is twofold. First, it will be useful to focus my thoughts on citations (the Hows, Whys, and Whens) in a singular location. This way, I can look at them in one place, and avoid repetition throughout the semester of a class. Also, it can become a resource in itself for students who need reminders, and for colleagues who need somewhere to point students.

The second reason is slightly more complicated. I’m interested in pursuing jobs outside the traditional academic model of a tenure-track professorship. In fact, I have some experience in librarianship, both formal education and experience, and I’d enjoy very much working in some sort of instructor/librarian hybrid. Often, these librarians go into classrooms and instruct specific classes about citations and using the library. Such classes can be focused into a single discipline, or open to a wide array of students. Developing a class like this one would not only help in gathering my thoughts, but it would be an opportunity to practice the work of an instructor/librarian.

I want this class to be student-centered, so I don’t want to lecture or spend the whole class telling students what they have to do in order to cite sources. I welcome feedback as to how I can go about developing this one-off class, making it focused on students who may have a wide range of needs insofar as citation style and practice are concerned.

How can I make a citation class user-centered, and interesting?

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