A question for future instructors

What do you plan to do so your teaching never gets stale?

Or. Is teaching necessarily reinvention, semester after semester?
Does student centered learning require the instructor to work to maintain relevance?

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3 Responses to A question for future instructors

  1. Tyler H. says:

    Well…what do you think?

    I think…that yes, it’s important to revitalize my material each semester, even if some of the basic foundation stays the same. This helps me make sure that my material is really relevant to my students, especially by updating slides or discussions with info from current events (even better if they are on-campus happenings!). I want to make sure my thoughts and teaching reflect current research and best practices, with the added bonus that I get less bored if I revise my material every so often! This helps me be more invested and engaged with my students, rather than teaching becoming rote.

  2. meagano says:

    I agree with Tyler! It is needed to renovate but certain topics need to be covered in courses. Specifically, I change research article that students have to read, particularly so I don’t get bored with the topics.

  3. Miko says:

    I think that my field (learning science and instructional technology) forces me to have an eye on the latest trends in technology. I think in my case, I will keep that habit when teaching courses. It is always important to read and to discover what is out there. There is always something new that could be implemented, or a role model who can continue to shape our teaching style. I think that keeping an eye open to what others are doing can be useful for us.
    Thanks for your contributions. It was great collaborating with you. Good luck and have a nice break!

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