Over Reliance on Technology?

Nicholas Carr is a worrywart. His critique of Socrates can be applied directly to his own worries about the internet: “He couldn’t foresee the many ways…” Just as Socrates feared that writing might supplant mental knowledge, and Renaissance humanists feared that printed books would “undermine religious authority,” Carr cannot see far enough into the future to see that no, Google is not making us stupid.

Some of what Carr suggests may be true; use of digital media may change the ways in which we read, encounter, and experience ideas. But he is just as afraid of new things as Socrates and the humanists. The internet will not remove all knowledge, but it will continue to change it.

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2 Responses to Over Reliance on Technology?

  1. A says:

    I totally agree. It can only enhance our learning as far as I’m concerned. There is so much information at our fingers and topics we can explore that would not have been possible otherwise. I wonder what it is that makes people afraid of knowledge or change or progression or whatever you want to call it? I could probably Google that to find out 🙂

  2. Miko says:

    You are completely right. People tend to be scare of what they know or of what is new, especially when it gains popularity so fast. And the same apply to the overall use of technologies in the classroom. That is why I think we should get started with more and better professional development for teachers, so they can know how to improve their teaching with technology.

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